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what the ek?

Ek (short for Ékmailluine) is an interdisciplinary brass ensemble dedicated to expanding the artistic possibilities of the brass instrumental family through the creation and presentation of new works and the research and exploration of diverse creative approaches. The collective consists of pioneering artists with an expansive vision of how music can be experienced and shared, a collaboration that draws on the many capacities and interests of our membership including improvisation, theatre, movement, electronics, and instrument design.

Ek is led by the Montréal-based trumpetist Émilie Fortin and trombonist Kalun Leung and was founded in 2022 while in residence at Orford Music in Québec. Their current project, Rad//iant, explores the surprising intersection of mime and sound in the form of wordless stories, or vignettes, that amplify the mundane in everyday life. The project draws inspiration from Québecois comedian Michel Courtemanche, the gesture-based music of Vinko Globokar and Jennifer Walshe, and the Broadway production Stomp.

Listening with a trumpet.
Émilie Fortin

Trumpet and Creative Producer

Shouting into a trombone.
Kalun Leung

Trombone and Technical Director

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